Friday, February 8, 2008

the Insider Outsider story:the truth behind the politics

How will you explain the events that have unfolded last week in Bombay oops.... Mumbai .Out of the blues, Raj Thackerey has suddenly become a politician ,with all that free publicity. I wonder the media would have shown the same frenzy if he would have sat on hunger strike for the farmers of Vidharbha. Any way let us leave that introspection to the media.

I find the whole incident bizarre and disgusting. But is it so? Hang on what is the politics behind it.Well according to political analyst like me, there are different theories to the whole incident.

Theory one:

Raj Thackerey was in desperate look out for some political ground after his split from Shiv Sena hence attack people from North India, especially the icon, Amitabh Bacchan .

Why Amitabh Bacchan : Immediate publicity

By doing this he will be accepted among the Marathi speaking people and party workers

Will be galvanized who were otherwise living a dormant life. By hijacking the political stand of shiv sena Raj Thackrey becomes the new leader for Marathis.

Theory two:

The relationship between the Congress and N.C.P are not cordial at the moment and recent meeting of Sharad Panwar and Shiv Sena Chief Bala Sahib in one function must have raised alarm bells among the Congress think tank so two parties,Congress and Raj Thackerey's party design a plan , a multiple arrow aimed at Shiv Sena, N.C.P.A deal with Raj Thackerey and Congress is Struck where the Congress Govt lets Raj Thackrey and his merry men go on rampage by not arresting them.

Raj Thackerey becomes hero of Marathi cause thus stealing the plank from shiv sena and N.C.P which are predominantly Marathi based parties.In forth coming Lok Sabha Elections the Marathi votes will be split among N.C.P, Shiv Sena and Raj thackrey party thus increasing the electoral chances congress Party. The Congress with this incident alienates the north Indians from joining Shiv sena.

Who cares about the nation.

The fact of the matter is the Economic boom Mumbai would not have been possible

Without the cheap labour available in the form of North Indians.

The irony is the Bollywood which is predominantly Hindi cinema and which provides bread and butter to Marathis and north Indians alike depends on the audience from Hindi heartland.

It is High time North Indians look for there own film city in north India wherever it may be then only these politicians will understand what it means by divisive politics

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