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Mussoorie In Winters

Mussoorie in Winters

Mussoorie is a fascinating hill-station town abundant in flora and fauna with panoramic view of snow-capped Himalayan snow ranges in north east and a amazing view of the Doon valley and shivalik mountains especially the glittering of the lights at nights. It a quite sleepy town during winters which begin from late October to mid February.
The occasional snowfall in winters covers the town in white blanket of snow. The town is also known as “Honeymoon Capital of India.
According to historians the place got its name from a widespread plant “Mansur” found in the region in abundance.
It has a colonial past and is supposed to be discovered by a Military Captain named Young during British Raj. The agreed date is 1827.He laid the foundation site for a resort called Mullingar hotel. Which is now inhabited by locals.
The area of the town is approx 64.25 Sq. Km with the altitude of 2005.5 metres (6500 ft.).The population of the town is 30,000 approx. which recedes during winters as most of the residential schools close for winter vacation.
The temperature during winter can dip to freezing,but generally the days are quite warm and sunny.(You are advised to carry warm clothes during winters in general.
Mussoorie is conveniently connected to the road by Delhi and other major cities .The rail head is Dehradun 35 Km from mussoorie . The winding journey from Dehradun is nearly 1 hour by taxi or bus.
If you are traveling from Delhi then there are few trains which reach directly to Dehradun.

Train No Train Name
349 Amritsar Fast (Psgr.)Dehradun to Amritsar
3010 Howrah Express. Dehradun to Howrah
4114 Link ExpressDehradun to Allahabad
9020 Mumbai ExpressDehradun to Mumbai
4042 Mussoorie ExpressDehradun to Delhi
2010 Shatabdi ExpressDehradun to Delhi
2056 Jan ShatabdiDehradun to Delhi
4310 Ujjain ExpressDehradun to Ujjain
4266 Janta ExpressDehradun to Varanasi
4318 Indore ExpressDehradun to Indore
3014 Upasana Express
5006 Gorakhpur ExpressDehradun to Gorakhpur
4266 Kathgodam with Janta Express to Kathgodam 2 Coaches
9266 Uttaranchal ExpressDehradun to Okha
0001 D.L.S.
4320 Dehradun to Kathgodam (weekly)

The reason for visiting Mussoorie in winters is that is less crowded, as in summers the domestic tourists throng the town to beat the heat in of the plains and the hotels are very cheap during the winter month.
You will get well furnished room as less as Rs 250/-

Winterline view from Mussoorie
The winterline is best viewed from two places in the world ,One is in Switzerland; the other is in Mussoorie, India. You can witness the natures art during the month of mid Oct to mid January. Each evening as the sun sets behind the valley you can watch the winterline a black/gray line in the sky, which is the false horizon.The line separates the gray, air of our atmosphere from the wonderful reddish orange/pink sky. You can witness it best from the chic -chocalate shop in kulri bazaar ,but it will be available throughout the mall road.
The other attraction is the rhesus macaques and langurs who tread fearlessly in the ton forriaging for leftover by tourists.
If you are lucky snowfall will be another attraction for you in winters.

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